Earn with your content

As a publisher, you receive 70% of the Google payout. You will be paid once the accumulated revenue exceeds EUR 100.

Flowplayer versions

The ASF plugin works with both Free and Commercial versions of Flowplayer HTML5. If you have a license for the Commercial version, you can continue using that with this plugin. Similarly you can use the Free version if you want.

Setup fee

We charge a USD 49 setup fee for checking your site's validity for this program, building a custom advertising plugin, and scheduling the revenue reports to you.

Disclaimer: The setup fee does not include player and plugin installation on your site.

AdSense terms and conditions

Before applying, please read the Google AdSense for Video policies.

  1. We will check that your site complies with Google's requirements, and invite you to the program.

  2. We will ask for your bank account information and VAT details.

  3. We collect a USD 49 setup fee from you.

  4. You will receive the ASF plugin that is linked to your site. Weekly reports will be emailed to you with data about advertising traffic (impressions and clicks) and accumulated revenue.

  5. We will pay you once the accumulated revenue exceeds EUR 100.

Installation and configuration


Include the required ASF JavaScript and stylesheets. We recommend having these files on your own web server or the CDN your site is using.


<!-- load the AdSense assets after the Flowplayer assets -->


asf.min.js is the AdSense plugin for Flowplayer - you will get your own version of it when you sign up with our AdSense program. This plugin will be tied to your personal ad slot so that the ad impressions and clicks will be associated with your account, and the ad revenue will be assigned to you.

As a publisher, at the end of each month you receive 70% of the Google payout for the previous month if your accumulated revenue exceeds EUR 100.

This page uses //releases.flowplayer.org/asf/flowplayer.org/1.0.10/asf.min.js which was built for the flowplayer.org domain and its subdomains. Make sure you are using the build we created for you, otherwise you will not see any revenues.

Caveat: Be patient. After receiving and setting up your own Flowplayer AdSense plugin it may take some time - up to two weeks - until Google robots have processed your site properly and adverts show up.


Most of our video adverts feature a remaining time counter, we therefore hide the ad remaining time counter provided by the plugin:

/* hide ad remaining time, duplicated by our video ads */
.flowplayer.ad-is-visible .fp-ui .ad-time {
visibility: hidden !important;



The plugin is initialized and configured with its flowplayer_ima.create() method. Here we create it for all players on the page by invoking it in the global flowplayer() function in the HEAD section of the page:

flowplayer(function(api, root) {
flowplayer_ima.create(api, root, {
// adsense configuration
adsense: {
request: {
// this should only be set when you are testing your installation
adtest: "on",
// make the Google robots crawl the current page
description_url: location.href
// adverts configuration
ads: [{
// 3 seconds into the video ...
time: 3,
// ... now request an advert of our desired type...
// ... in this case image or text type
request: {
ad_type: "image_text"


The plugin can also be set up and configured for individual players as in this example.

Alternatively you can initialize the plugin globally and configure it for specific players by nesting an inline SCRIPT tag with the flowplayer_ima.conf() call inside the container like in this demo.


Player container and ads configuration

As we have set up and configured advertisements globally we need only to install the player on the page:

<div class="flowplayer functional"
data-rtmp="rtmp://s3b78u0kbtx79q.cloudfront.net/cfx/st" data-ratio="0.4167">
<video poster="/media/img/logo-blue.png">
<source type="video/webm"
<source type="video/mp4"
<source type="video/flash"


Standalone demos