Google Analytics


How much video is watched? How many minutes?


What are the most popular videos? How much in foreign sites? What about the home page?


Which continent? Which video format? Which browser?

How it works?

Flowplayer tracks following information when user leaves a page:

  1. Seconds played. If video was repeated this is more than the duration of the video
  2. Flash or HTML5 / video format
  3. Video title or file name

These views can be found under

Google Analytics > Content > Events > Top Events > Video / Seconds played.

Play around with the 'Secondary dimension' dropdown. For a better visual view select the pie chart. If your site already uses or is planning to use Google Analytics it's good to view those statistics in the same place.

Setting up

Set up Analytics by configuring your Google Analytics ID. For example:

<div class="flowplayer" data-analytics="UA-27182341-1" title="Video title">
<source type="video/webm" src="/my/video.webm">
<source type="video/mp4" src="/my/video.mp4">
<a class="embed">Copy to your site</a>


This site uses a global configuration to setup analytics for all players on the site = "UA-27182341-1";


The title for Analytics is taken from the title attribute or if not present the video's file name is used.

If the video is embedded on a foreign site the analytics ID is carried along so you can view how much video is played on these external domains.


The Analytics extension provides one player option:

analyticsThe site's Google Analytics ID.

Why on page leave?

The best place to track video data is when user leaves the page. You know exactly the total amount of seconds viewed. Sending data during playback gives you messy results; pausing, fullscreen, seeking are not important.

Flowplayer sends event data on jQuery's unload event. The handling of the unload event varies on different browsers. For example, some versions of Firefox triggers the event when a link is followed, but not when the window is closed. However around 90% of events are tracked giving you good overall statistics but 100% reliability is not guaranteed.