Aug 05, 2015

Flowplayer Free explained


We’d like to explain what Flowplayer Free includes, as well as the additional capabilities offered by the commercial license version.

Flowplayer Free

Our free version, as well as the paid player in all its variants, contains all the features we have developed, including:

– HLS with adaptive bitrate streaming,
– Video traffic and engagement analytics, either with Google Analytics or Flowplayer Drive's own integrated analytics package
– Video advertising support with our Google AdExchange program (ASF) and via third-party plugins
– VTT subtitles with support for multiple tracks
– Custom actions through cue points
– Integrated playlist plugin
– Complete Javascript API for advanced scripting and event handling
– Three skins included, which you can tweak with CSS or through simple modifier commands – or build a completely new one, allowing full customization
– Unlimited video views
– No forced usage stats: Flowplayer does not phone home and does not report usage. We respect your privacy.
– No license key or registration needed
– Can be deployed from our free CDN or your own server
– A free Wordpress plugin is available, as well as third-party plugins for other CMSs

Flowplayer is famous for its excellent scripting, customization and skinning capabilities, and all this is possible in every version. All the demo code on this site, with the exception of commercial branding, works with both the free and paid players. Commercial branding requires the paid player.

Commercial license

Flowplayer Free carries our logo and a right-click context menu, while the commercial-license version makes it possible to brand the player with your own logo and to have your own context menu items.

Flowplayer offers the following benefits, most of which are unique to this software.

– Full control of your logo and your brand on your player
– Can be deployed from our free CDN or your own servers
– License validates inside the player. No Internet connection is needed to check the license meaning that validation can be done on intranets, for example.
– No limit on the number of video views – does not transmit usage stats or other data to our systems – Requires a one-time payment for the license. No subscription or renewal payments needed, no forced upgrades: yours forever.
– Commercial version available as a single domain license or as affordable 5/100/unlimited domain packages
– Commercial players with invalid or missing license keys are fully functional, showing only the Flowplayer logo. This allows you to (re)license and move your players to different internet domains without interrupting the video streams.

Video hosting

Our video-hosting platform, Flowplayer Drive, is also available for free. You can upload videos up to four minutes in duration and stream for free for 5 GB per month. With the free implementation, the video is watermarked with our logo. You can later seamlessly upgrade to more expansive plans to remove the watermark and utilize the larger monthly streaming amounts.


We offer support via email and in our discussion forums to every one of our users, whichever Flowplayer they use: free or paid.

We take pride in offering the best customer support in the market.


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Jul 23, 2015

Flowplayer 6.0.3


Flowplayer 6.0.3 enhances the stability of the player and addresses some edge case issues. It is a free update if you already own a license for version 6.0.0 or newer. You can find it in your account page.


Update now  


  • Fix #894 - Some elements not shown in fullscreen
  • Fix #883 - autoplay on player level not respected in html5 engine
  • Fix #882 - Flash engine reports invalid volume for zero
  • Fix #879 - flashls: make resume of live stream reliable
  • Fix #878 - ipad: duration/remaining inside timeline for videos longer than 1hr
  • Fix #877 - jQuery JS install triggers error (regression in 6.0.2)
  • Fix #876 - playlist: is-active not applied to playlists outside container
  • Fix #871 - Context-menu broken in fullscreen
  • Fix #870 - IE: load(clip) and setPlaylist() not reliable
  • Fix #885 - Timeline unnecessary hidden for certain Android devices
  • Fix #875 - Speed change highlight broken in Firefox

Jun 22, 2015

Flowplayer 6.0.2


This is the second bugfix release after version 6.0.0. This update is free if you already own a license for version 6.0.0 or newer. You can find it in your account page.

Upgrade from an existing 5.x version before July 20th and save 50%.


Update now  


  • You can now have a playlist outside of the player container div ( #443 ).
  • Added a new API method flowplayer.set() which be use to supply a global configuration object.


  • Fix #748 - Chrome PepperFlash immediately fails over to RTMPT
  • Fix #775 - RTMP live stream autoplays and cannot be paused
  • Fix #809 - Playful close button looks inconsistent
  • Fix #811 - Muted option does not work
  • Fix #812 - HLS: stream does not work on Android 4.1
  • Fix #823 - clip options in playlists are sticky, triggering trouble with picking order
  • Fix #824 - flashls: add debug option(s)
  • Fix #827 - playlist embed: should embed configured playlist
  • Fix #829 - seeking broken in IE8
  • Fix #837 - analytics: use clip.title?
  • Fix #840 - jQuery plugin init - config precedence wrong
  • Fix #847 - IE8: muted on start despite volume showing, chsanngin volume does not work
  • Fix #848 - Optionally start with subtitles present, but disabled
  • Fix #852 - analytics: use long hearbeat interval
  • Fix #821 - RTMP: breaks with special chars in URLS
  • Fix #831 - iPhone playback crashes when you exit twice
  • Fix #864 - CSS issue on touch devices
  • Fix #863 - RTMP does not play until end
  • Fix #866 - Flash: keep aspect ratio in the swf code, like swfHls does

Breaking changes

  • The fix for #848 introduces a behavioral change - if you don't specify a subtitle with default attribute, no subtitles are shown by default. Documentation