Dec 15, 2014

Streaming just got cheaper thanks to Flowplayer Drive

Streaming is often the biggest cost when publishing videos online. The ultimate aim is to attract millions of viewers to your content, while keeping streaming costs at a sustainable level.

For everyone conscious of this challenge, Flowplayer Drive just became an even more attractive proposition. Streaming prices are now 30% cheaper with our Economy and Pro plans, and 40% cheaper with our Enterprise plan.

Our Economy and Pro plans now include 30% more streaming gigabytes in their monthly subscription fee, and additional streaming is 30% cheaper. Enterprise plan subscribers now enjoy 50% more streaming gigabytes, with additional streaming 40% cheaper too.

These new reduced prices will also come into effect for all our existing Economy, Pro and Enterprise customers.

Our most comprehensive Enterprise plan now includes 4,500GB of streaming per month, with additional streaming at 0.09 EUR per GB. Value like this means there’s never been a better time to publish high quality, attractive content. Just go ahead and do it.

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Dec 10, 2014

Flowplayer HTML5 for Wordpress version 1.10.1


Flowplayer wordpress pluginVersion 1.10.1 of our WordPress plugin is now available, containing the latest 5.5.2 version of Flowplayer and adding support for live streams. Support for multiple resolutions and HLS was included in an earlier release last month.

This is the official WordPress plugin from Flowplayer, which is continuously updated to support the latest Flowplayer and Flowplayer Drive features. Use this plugin to add a complete video management and publishing solution to your WordPress website or blog quickly and easily.

New in version 1.10.1

  • Support for live streaming
  • Upgraded with Flowplayer version 5.5.2
  • Security enhancements


Nov 21, 2014

Flowplayer 5.5.1


This is an important release focusing on the performance of the Flash fallback engine. The Flash engine has had some performance problems, particularly with the smoothness of video playback in Firefox. We've put a lot of effort into improving it and, as a result, video playback is now perfectly smooth. The release also includes several other fixes and improvements. See the full list below.

Update now

This update is free if you already have a license for a previous version of Flowplayer HTML5. You can find it in your account page.


  • The performance of the Flash engine was improved. No more video stuttering with Firefox.
  • Improvements for HLS and live streams.


  • Fix #697 - Flash with http progressive download: preload="none" breaks buffer indication
  • Fix #387 - Initial volume setting was ignored with the flash engine
  • Fix #462 - Add possibility to disable the rtmpt connection attempt. Can be done by setting rtmpt: false in configuration
  • Fix #612 - Make looping work with non-rtmp clips
  • Fix #655 - Add support for complete rtmp urls
  • Fix #697 - Fix the buffer bar to work when preload="none" is set
  • Fix #701 - Make autoplay work on live RTMP streams
  • Fix #577 - Force native subtitles for certain devices
  • Fix #717 - Insert subtitle track in ready event
  • Fix #577 - Enable subtitles explicitly
  • Fix #479 - Background handling for HLS videos/streams
  • Fix #705 - Don't allow seeking in live setups
  • Fix #699 - Correctly check for video type

Version 5.5.2

Right after this release on November 26th we released 5.5.2 with following:

  • Fix #731 - Fixed regression that caused playback to not automatically advance in playlists
  • Fix #727 - Emulate progress events with live streams
  • Fix #721 - Add support for inline video with Windows Phone 8.1 / IE Mobile 11
  • Fix #255 - Make wmode configurable. Setting it to direct may improve the Flash engine performance playback performance a bit.