Mar 05, 2014

Flowplayer Drive is a brand new video publishing platform that makes all aspects of publishing and sharing your videos easier. Forget about bitrates and formats – videos shared or published with Flowplayer Drive work on all modern devices.

Place videos on your own site or blog by embedding with a few lines of code, or simply share a URL to your friends by mail or in the social media. Rename, unpublish, re-publish or delete videos with the user-friendly video library page in your browser.

Flowplayer Drive is free with Flowplayer branding – or upgrade to remove.

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Dec 17, 2013

Flowplayer 5.4.6


While fixing Apple iOS7 Safari rendering issues for 5.4.5 we introduced a regression affecting playback on iPhone and Android devices. We are terribly sorry and apologize for the trouble this may have caused you.


  • Fix #604 - Android + iPhone - no video
  • Fix #606 - Amazon Silk - no visible video

Dec 17, 2013

Flowplayer Flash 3.2.17


Flowplayer Flash is back with a new release!

It has been a while since our previous Flowplayer Flash release but this does not mean that we haven't been taking good care of our Flash based product. Several bugs and enhancements were made during these months and now it's finally time to get them out.

In addition to the player itself, this release includes new versions of all plugins. There are changes in the common libraries shared by the plugins and therefore it's necessary to include everything.

Take a look at the version history to see what has changed.

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