Jun 22, 2015

Flowplayer 6.0.2


This is the second bugfix release after version 6.0.0. This update is free if you already own a license for version 6.0.0 or newer. You can find it in your account page.

Upgrade from an existing 5.x version before July 20th and save 50%.


Update now  


  • You can now have a playlist outside of the player container div ( #443 ).
  • Added a new API method flowplayer.set() which be use to supply a global configuration object.


  • Fix #748 - Chrome PepperFlash immediately fails over to RTMPT
  • Fix #775 - RTMP live stream autoplays and cannot be paused
  • Fix #809 - Playful close button looks inconsistent
  • Fix #811 - Muted option does not work
  • Fix #812 - HLS: stream does not work on Android 4.1
  • Fix #823 - clip options in playlists are sticky, triggering trouble with picking order
  • Fix #824 - flashls: add debug option(s)
  • Fix #827 - playlist embed: should embed configured playlist
  • Fix #829 - seeking broken in IE8
  • Fix #837 - analytics: use clip.title?
  • Fix #840 - jQuery plugin init - config precedence wrong
  • Fix #847 - IE8: muted on start despite volume showing, chsanngin volume does not work
  • Fix #848 - Optionally start with subtitles present, but disabled
  • Fix #852 - analytics: use long hearbeat interval
  • Fix #821 - RTMP: breaks with special chars in URLS
  • Fix #831 - iPhone playback crashes when you exit twice
  • Fix #864 - CSS issue on touch devices
  • Fix #863 - RTMP does not play until end
  • Fix #866 - Flash: keep aspect ratio in the swf code, like swfHls does

Breaking changes

  • The fix for #848 introduces a behavioral change - if you don't specify a subtitle with default attribute, no subtitles are shown by default. Documentation

May 21, 2015

Flowplayer 6


Rebuilt from the ground up, Flowplayer 6 is the result of a decade's experience in online video and a huge amount of user feedback. HLS now works across all web browsers, providing adaptive bitrate streaming with just one source stream. The JavaScript API is more powerful and expansive than ever before. The player has a new, fresher, and more functional user interface. In addition to these developments, there are numerous other enhancements and fixes: see below for details.

Buy now

The prices to upgrade your existing Flowplayer HTML5 licenses:

– 1 domain: €26.00
– 5 domains: €83.00
– 100 domains: €146.00
– Unlimited: €370.00

These upgrade prices are valid until June 20th. After this period the upgrade prices go up by 50%. You can upgrade existing Flowplayer HTML5 licenses on your account page.

HLS and adaptive bitrate streaming across all browsers

Flowplayer 6 supports the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol across all browsers and devices. Native browser HLS support is used when available, and our new HLS-capable Flash engine is used when native support does not exist in the browser, givng you a unified adaptive streaming experience among the vast majority of devices and browsers.

You can configure a single HLS manifest in the player and the clip (live stream or video on demand) will play everywhere. Adobe Flash is used in current Windows browsers.

HLS also provides adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR). The player automatically selects the appropriate bitrate based on the network connection speed, with users given a high bitrate (and high-quality video) on adequate connections and lower bitrates on slower connections.

Flowplayer Drive encodes to multiple bitrates and to HLS under all paid plans.

See HLS adaptive streaming in action.

New skins

Flowplayer has always looked great, and for Flowplayer 6 we made some subtle adjustments to freshen it up and develop its functionality. Our new skins work with any video, whether its imagery is very light in color or completely black.

It is now possible to brand the commercial player version with a simple text-based brand option. The supplied brand name is displayed in the player's control bar. This is the simplest way to add your own brand name to the video player.

We have also added the possibility to show a title in the top-left corner of the video.

Here is a demo showing the new text based branding and the video title features in action.

New JavaScript API

Flowplayer 6 is hacker-friendly. The API is highly comprehensive, with endless scripting possibilities.

You can now install and configure the player using JavaScript. You can supply all embedding and initialization parameters using simple JSON syntax. If you prefer clearly structured code suited for long-term maintenance and extensibility, choose the JavaScript installation method.

You can find the API documentation here.

No jQuery dependency

Flowplayer is no longer dependent on jQuery. There is now no requirement to include jQuery in your pages to use Flowplayer.

Other enhancements

  • New tooltip that shows the playback time when hovering over the timeline
  • Fully featured playlist embedding: either the current clip or entire playlist
  • Optimized splash setup with JavaScript installation for faster page load
  • Extended and customizable clip properties, even within playlists
  • iFrame-based viral embedding, see the details in this demo
  • Multilingual subtitle support
  • API for subtitles
  • Subtitle control element
  • API for cuepoints
  • is-closeable no longer excludes fullscreen
  • API for playlist handling
  • UMD definition (RequireJS and CommonJS support)
  • Mixed engines support for playlists
  • Vector-based icons in the UI


  • Fix #702 - adaptiveRatio does not work on HLS with Android Chrome
  • Fix #676 - Embed code generator triggers video loading in Chrome
  • Fix #671 - Flash engine on Chrome load file twice
  • Fix #664 - Playlist: api stays in finished stage after playthrough next switch
  • Fix #663 - Embed always uses sources from initial video
  • Fix #651 - Embed: make player size configurable (re: HLS)
  • Fix #644 - Analytics plugin does not send heartbeat while playing
  • Fix #639 - Add proper event listener cleanup
  • Fix #613 - Flash + WebKit + Live: cuepoints unusable because of fullscreen toggle
  • Fix #610 - Cuepoint misses on Android
  • Fix #589 - rtmp: recovery from bad URL does not work
  • Fix #588 - adaptiveRatio: only has an effect on first load
  • Fix #587 - Playlist: click on first item has no effect in non-splash setups
  • Fix #538 - When using Flash, no ready event in flowplayer 5.4.3 if jQuery not global
  • Fix #485 - .fp-next and .fp-prev do not work if inserted after player initialization
  • Fix #453 - Error reports valid URL instead of the bad one
  • Fix #452 - Flowplayer flash does not abort image loading
  • Fix #450 - window.onload does not work on iPad
  • Fix #448 - "load" and "unload.pl" event handlers bound multiple times
  • Fix #361 - play() / pause() / resume() commands don't work when player is disabled
  • Fix #352 - API: stop() issues
  • Fix #284 - Ready event and load callback not caught
  • Fix 257 - load() does not reset video.time
  • Fix #244 - Load/play restrictions
  • Fix #162 - Flash mode cannot handle utf-8 media locations
  • Fix #100 - Issue with seeking on cuepoints and changing rate

Version 6.0.1, May 26:

  • Fix #808 - Functional + playful fixed-controls: disappear in fullscreen
  • Fix #807 - IE11: time and timeline do not update
  • Fix #806 - iPhone: does not resume after return from native fullscreen
  • Fix #802 - Simulated fullscreen - players pinned to top of window
  • Fix #801 - iPad: native_fullscreen does not work
  • Fix #803 - Splash option: works only if no container background-color is given

Mar 25, 2015

The Drive API enables you to use Flowplayer Drive, our powerful online video platform, within your own applications. The API is logical and easy to use, and you can get started in minutes. There are no complex encoding settings – our encoding engine automatically optimizes these to suit your video content.

The Drive API is a RESTful API, uses JSON for data payloads, and grants your applications Flowplayer Drive's full functionality:

  • Upload videos for encoding and inclusion in the Flowplayer Drive video library, or submit the URLs of your video files
  • Multi-bitrate streaming and HLS are supported.
  • Manage your video library and Drive account.
  • Access your videos' analytics information.
  • Use socket.io to stay updated on the progress of your videos' encoding process.
  • Videos can be uploaded and streamed for free up to a limit of 5GB per month – simply upgrade to remove these restrictions.

Read the API documentation