Jul 16, 2014

Track. Measure. Monetize.

Gain insight into how your videos are performing.

We've introduced a new series of features to Flowplayer Drive that will help you to create even better content and make the most of the material you publish.

You may already be using web analytics tools to measure activity on your sites, but these often fall short when it comes to video. Flowplayer Drive Analytics is the solution, allowing you to monitor traffic and examine the way users view your material.

Track engagement

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How long do viewers spend watching your videos? At what point do they lose interest or tune out and go elsewhere? Graphs available for each your videos will help you to answer these questions and more: vital feedback for content creators.

Measure popularity

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Knowing wheter you've fulfilled your objectives means making sure you have access to the right information. Traffic overview graphs show you the number of views and the data streamed for each video. These are the core metrics for you to measure the success of your content. You can also view traffic across your entire account, a handy way to spot thrends and observe the big picture.


Now that you know you have a hit video on your hands, the next step is monetization. Google AdSense allows you to generate revenue from your videos by adding advertisements. It's normally restricted to sites with more than 10 million streams per month, but Flowplayer makes it available for everyone.

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Mar 05, 2014

Flowplayer Drive is a brand new video publishing platform that makes all aspects of publishing and sharing your videos easier. Forget about bitrates and formats – videos shared or published with Flowplayer Drive work on all modern devices.

Place videos on your own site or blog by embedding with a few lines of code, or simply share a URL to your friends by mail or in the social media. Rename, unpublish, re-publish or delete videos with the user-friendly video library page in your browser.

Flowplayer Drive is free with Flowplayer branding – or upgrade to remove.

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Dec 17, 2013

Flowplayer 5.4.6


While fixing Apple iOS7 Safari rendering issues for 5.4.5 we introduced a regression affecting playback on iPhone and Android devices. We are terribly sorry and apologize for the trouble this may have caused you.


  • Fix #604 - Android + iPhone - no video
  • Fix #606 - Amazon Silk - no visible video