Flowplayer VAST

Choose your preferred ad-network or use your own ad server.

Out plugin plays html5 video or overlay adverts from the networks of your choice. Preroll, midroll or postroll positions are supported.

Use your preferrerd VAST2, VAST3 or VPAID 2 compatible ad server or video ad network and keep all the revenue.

No per-impression costs or limitations, just a flat €20 susbcription fee per month and domain (€190 for an annual subscription).

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We will contact you quickly after the submission. If you are already a customer, we will instantly create a monthly subscription for the submitted domain and charge the stored card.

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Flowplayer versions 6 and 7 are supported.


Subscriptions can be switched to annual at any time.

Subscriptions automatically renew each month. If you want to cancel a subscription, please email us at least two days before the renewal date.

Started periods are not refundable once the plugin has been created.

If you are interested in a trial version, please contact us by email .