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Bloggers, startups, enterprises… Everyone needs great video on their sites.

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Trusted by 450,000+ sites all over the web.

Mercedes Benz, Universal Music, Disney, NASA, IBM, MIT…

Custom experiences

Make a customized player a seamless part of your visual identity.

Start with an image

To begin, select an attractive, high-quality image. No need to settle for the first frame of the video.

Your personal player

Flowplayer can match your brand's look and feel consistently across all browsers. First impressions matter.

End with style

Guide your users to the next desired step (and not to YouTube!)

Automatic quality switching for everyone

We bring the most important feature in online video to the masses. It's not just for big enterprises any more.

HQ on big screens

Safely deliver larger versions for larger screens

Big screens with a strong internet connection are served the highest-quality version. The quality level is automatically lowered if the Internet connection slows down.

Crisp and fast on mobile

Mobile users enjoy quick starts and uninterrupted playback

Mobile screens are quickly delivered a much smaller version. No waiting or frustrating interruptions. Quality is automatically improved if, for example, you enter a cafe with a solid Wi-Fi connection.

Video management for all skill levels

Our tools are simple enough for everyone, not just professionals or enterprises.

1. Upload your original

All video formats are accepted

Upload huge video files without a worry. You can move between connections and hotspots and the upload will resume where it left off.

2. Let us take care of the online versions

We do all the hard HLS segmentation work required for quality switching.

3. Build the player you want

A simple checkbox system adapts the embedding code

Build a player that suits your needs from a handful of simple options. Then just copy and paste it onto your site.

4. Analyze the performance

Human-friendly graphs

How long do viewers spend watching your videos? At what point do they lose interest or tune out and go elsewhere?

Frequently asked questions

What is Flowplayer?

Flowplayer is the best way to play hiqh-quality video on any website. It's designed for the actual use cases that crop up routinely on the web today.

Who is using Flowplayer?

There are more than 450,000 Flowplayer installations all over the web. The most notable brands using Flowplayer are Mercedes Benz, Universal Music, Disney, NASA, IBM, and MIT .

Because Flowplayer is so widely adopted, Google ranks us first with the search term: online video player .

When is Flowplayer not a good choice?

  1. Flowplayer is not a good choice when keeping things 100% free is the only option. In this situation, YouTube is probably the best pick, but you accept limited customization possibilities and will be displaying their brand on your site. They will also, of course, syphon off a percentage of your visitors.
  2. If you tolerate user interface bloat and unnecessary complexity of enterprise video platforms.
  3. If you want to host static MP4 and WebM video files yourself and don't care about quality switching. In this case you can still use our player, but can most likely ignore our hosting service.

When is Flowplayer a good choice?

  1. If you care about video quality and automatic quality switching.
  2. If you need a player to match your design and you'd like to customize it with CSS and JavaScript.
  3. If you want to avoid all the frustration and complexity of online video platforms. You simply want to upload, embed and analyze how the video performs.

How is Flowplayer different from the other video platforms?

Companies like Kaltura and Brightcove are enterprise video platforms and Flowplayer is just a video platform.

The word “enterprise” carries a significant difference.

We think videos should be seen simply as elements on your page. Just like images, forms or tables. Enterprise options take you through a long and expensive journey around the video business landscape.

We won't come to your office and “develop and deploy differentiated viewer experiences that adapt with your audience”. We don't have time for that, and suspect you don't either.

We offer the best enterprise facilities for everyone, without the middlemen.

Our job is to make videos work on your site in the best possible way and make the process as simple as possible. We even provide the “monetization “ possibilities.

We make video work for everyone, since every website has the same needs – whether you are an enterprise, small business or an individual blogger.

How is Flowplayer different from YouTube or Vimeo?

  1. All parts of the player can be customized with CSS and JavaScript.
  2. Flowplayer can play background and foreground video without the control bar, or with only minimal buttons.
  3. Flowplayer can be completely unbranded, or you can use your own logo.
  4. You can customize what happens when the video ends, instead of being exposed to third-party video suggestions.

Who are you?

We are a team of engineers and support personnel communicating over the wire.

Please contact a human being if you have any questions. You can ask us anything and we will always answer.