Free License FAQ

Read the Flowplayer GPL-based license.

Are the additional terms in the Flowplayer open source license compliant/compatible with the GPL 3.0 license?

Yes. The Additional Terms to the GPL 3.0 license added by Flowplayer are consistent with terms allowed under section 7 of the GPL 3.0 license as follows:

  • The requirement that those that convey the program and assume contractual liability must indemnify Flowplayer is allowed by section 7.f.

  • The exclusion of a grant of trademark rights except as expressly granted in the additional terms is allowed by section 7.e.

  • Requiring those that modify the program to mark the program in a particular way is allowed by section 7.b which allows "requiring preservation of specified reasonable legal notice or author attributions . . . " and 7.c which allows both prohibition of misrepresentation of the origin of the material and allows a requirement that such material "be marked in reasonable ways as different from the original version".

Does the license note that "The GPL requires that you not remove Flowplayer copyright notices from the user interface. See section 5.d below." limit what I can do with Flowplayer?

Yes, as explained further in the product details Trademark FAQ below, you must include the copyright notice and author attributions. If you are conveying verbatim copies of the source code, these features remain intact (otherwise, it is not a verbatim copy). If you convey modified source code, you are only licensed to do so consistent with section 5.d, which requires the display of appropriate legal notices, section 7, which allows certain additional permission and restrictions, and the additional restrictions in the Additional Term, which requires certain notices, consistent with section 7.

Does the dual-licensed structure used by Flowplayer violate the GPL?

No. Flowplayer is the copyright holder and therefore can license the material under different multiple licenses. The official FSF FAQ supports this interpretation.

Are the logo/backlink requirements allowed under the GPL?

Yes. The GPL expressly allows the additional restrictions to maintain certain author attribution and that modified versions of the code "be marked in reasonable ways as different from the original version." See sections 7.b and 7.c. The original version has the logo and backlink. Any modified version must include the changes outlined in the additional term which we believe are reasonable ways to provide the author attribution to Flowplayer and mark that the modified versions are different.

Trademark policy

Flowplayer's trademark policies are designed to provide our users with the full benefit of open source licensing while protecting Flowplayer's trademark rights. It is important to us that our trademarks continue to identify our video player and that no confusion exists between our video player and video players created by our users using our code. We've tried to keep things simple by allowing anyone using Flowplayer and customizing its included features (or not) to use and distribute it without any further changes or permissions. However, for those who make more extensive changes to the Flowplayer, making full use of the open source nature of the Flowplayer, we simply require that (1) you not use the Flowplayer trademarks, or those confusingly similar to them, to identify your modified video player; (2) you provide notice that you modified our code; (3) that you continue to provide attribution to our efforts by providing the fullscreen and canvas notice that says: "Based on Flowplayer source code".

Trademark FAQ

Do I have to include the Flowplayer trademark?

Yes, under the GPL license, you must include the copyright notices and author attributions unless you modify the code, in which case you must include the alternate notices and attributions.

What do I have to do if I modified the code?

If you have modified the code, you must do three things regarding copyright notice and author attributions. First, change the full-screen notice from "Flowplayer" to "Based on Flowplayer source code". Second, in the dialog box interface for the player, keep the link to "About Flowplayer free version #.#.# ..." and the copyright notice must remain, and add an additional notice, stating that you modified Flowplayer. A suitable notice might read "Flowplayer Source code modified by ModOrg 2009". Third, the notice on the canvas should read "Based on Flowplayer source code".

What do I do if I use third-party plugins not provided by Flowplayer Drive Ltd?

If you use third-party plugins we consider it the same as using a modified Flowplayer version and you have two options: You can do the three things described above regarding the copyright notice and author attributions, or you can purchase a commercial license.

What if I want to remove the attribution to Flowplayer altogether?

You have two options. You can either purchase a commercial license, which does not carry the attributions and notices, or you can use another player.

There are third-party plugins on the Flowplayer Flash website. Can I run those on the Free player version?

The following plugins require changes to the attributions and notices, or require a commercial license: LiveRail, Adotube and MediaMelon.