Feb 22, 2016

Discontinuing free videos

We have had free videos available in our service for almost three years. Recently we came to the realization that keeping them around is no longer sustainable.

Today we are discontinuing free videos in Flowplayer Drive. Free videos are replaced with watermarked videos, which receive a 50% discount from their CDN cost.

50% off with watermarked videos

If you have a paid Flowplayer Drive plan, your free videos are converted to watermarked videos and will continue to work without interruption. These watermarked videos have a CDN streaming price, which is 50% of the normal video streaming price. These videos have a Flowplayer watermark, just as the free videos did previously.

When you upload new videos, you have a choice between adding them as either normal or watermarked videos. All encoding profiles can also be used for watermarked videos.

Users without a paid Drive plan

You should sign up with a paid Drive plan if:

  • You don't have a paid Flowplayer Drive plan and have free videos in your account
  • You want your free videos to continue to stream and play normally on your website(s)

If you don't have a paid plan, the free videos will be unavailable for streaming starting today.

See plan pricing

Jan 13, 2016

Flowplayer 6.0.5


Flowplayer 6.0.5 is the fifth bug-fix release for Flowplayer HTML5 v6. See the full list of fixes below.

This is a free update if you already own a license for version 6.0.0 or newer. You can find it in your account page.


Update now  


  • #973 - Allow specifying a playlist index to start from


  • Fix #959 - Flash HLS: the ready event fired too early
  • Fix #979 - shutdown disables fullscreen events
  • Fix #969 - addCuepoint() bug when using an object to define the cue.
  • Fix #968 - flashls live: player does not change on resume state after a longer pause (regression from 6.0.3)
  • Fix #967 - RTMP live streaming doesn't obey the mute setting when resuming from paused state
  • Fix #966 - rtmp: live:true doesn't set the bufferTime to zero
  • Fix #961 - minimalist: wrong mouseout transitions for volume & mute (regression from 6.0.3)
  • Fix #919 - RTL (right-to-left layout): various glitches
  • Fix #957 - generate_cuepoints: seeks to timeline postion, not to the cuepoint position (regression from v5)

Nov 19, 2015

Flowplayer 6.0.4


Flowplayer 6.0.4 is the fourth bug-fix release for Flowplayer HTML5 v6.

For this release we have addressed a bunch of scripting and API related issues. As a result Flowplayer HTML5 is even more programmer friendly than before. See the full list of fixes at the bottom of this news item.

This is a free update if you already own a license for version 6.0.0 or newer. You can find it in your account page.


Update now  


  • #944 - poster: add new api property when poster condition is met


  • Fix #959 - Flash HLS: ready fired too early
  • Fix #958 - generate_cuepoints: seeks to timeline postion, not cuepoint (regression from v5)
  • Fix #955 - Prevented seek beyond cuepoint disables cuepoint once
  • Fix #943 - shutdown() does not remove instance data-attribute
  • Fix #942 - quality selector loses poster state with playlist
  • Fix #941 - api undefined in stop callback argument in non-splash setups
  • Fix #940 - autoplay: does not go into poster state on stop
  • Fix #936 - IE8: no player displayed for splash setups if no height: for container
  • Fix #928 - BeforeSeek Event does not working in IE11
  • Fix #926 - Do not show context menu when trying to enable flash plugin
  • Fix #924 - flash: play(index) and load(clip) load encoded url
  • Fix #923 - Controlbar mouse over problem
  • Fix #922 - Chrome: Flash object with less than 461px width does not work
  • Fix #918 - Native subtitles shown when mixed native and flowplayer subtitles on same page
  • Fix #912 - Crossorigin subtitles do not work on iPhone
  • Fix #911 - flash hls: seeking beyond end of video causes undefined player state
  • Fix #908 - ipad: tooltip appears empty, or is stuck at first position when scrubbing
  • Fix #906 - bgcolor: does not override .flowplayer.is-splash background-color
  • Fix #904 - flashdisabled message does not make sense when Flash is in fact enabled
  • Fix #901 - RTMP: src location w/o prefix considered as HTTP
  • Fix #898 - 6.0.3: live option not recognized on clip level with generic HLS