Timeless design

Your video is the star of the show

Flowplayer design is simple and functional. The player will look as good on your site as it looks on ours.

Fluid layout

The only completely responsive player on the market

Custom start and end screens

Use a custom design before and after the video

Use any HTML and CSS while
video is preloading in the background!
This end screen can contain anything such as forms, tables, images and buttons. It's all about designing the next step.

Unlimited instances

Without losing performance

Complete feature set

  • Google Analytics

  • Cuepoints

  • Native fullscreen

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Subtitles

  • Slow motion

  • Random seeking

  • Retina ready

Beautiful playlists

Skinnable with CSS


For site builders

Flowplayer is the smallest player on the market – JavaScript 149kB, Flash 8kB, CSS -1kB (+ jQuery 33kB) – with a concise programming API. Extend with HTML and CSS only – without JavaScript.


play button 1
play button 2
play button 3
play button 4


98% browser coverage

Using Flash on older browsers


Forget YouTube or Vimeo. It's time for your design, branding and ownership.

Custom branding is included in the commercial version.

Video still loves Flash.

Flash still has its place in web video: if you’re looking for support of Flash specific delivery like HDS, then Flowplayer Flash is your choice.


Flowplayer comparison sheet

HTML5 or Flash? Find out which version is right for you.

Feature HTML5 Flash
Random seeking w. streaming servers
Bitrate switching
Full screen
JavaScript API for scripting
Custom branding
Keyboard control
Slow motion & fast forward RTMP only
Retina ready  
Custom start & end screens with HTML/CSS  
Full iOS support  
Mobile devices incl. Android  
Video advertising IMA3/VAST* several
Full plugin API for custom plugins  
Audio support  
CMS plugins WP1, HDW2 several
  1. Official Flowplayer for Wordpress plugin
  2. HDW plugin
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