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Flowplayer HTML5

Flowplayer HTML5 is a highly customizable player for all your online video needs. This version uses HTML5 video for full cross-browser support – including mobile screens. Older browsers like IE8 are covered with a Flash fallback.

This is our primary version and acts as a seamless component of your website. Developers can further customize the experience with JavaScript API.

Flowplayer Flash

While Flash is decreasing in appeal, it still has a strong place in online video. The main reason to use this version is content protection . You can send the video data in encrypted form so that no one can steal it.

Additionally, both on-demand and live streaming are supported.

Learn more about secure streaming .

Use your branding

The licensed version allows you to customize the player's branding and menu.

Default branding

Default menu

No branding

Custom branding

Customized logo and controlbar

Custom menu

Player FAQ

Player answers

What is the free version?

Flowplayer's Free version is licensed under a GPL-based license. Use it freely in every possible situation, including commercial projects. This version displays a Flowplayer copyright notice on the bottom-left corner of the player. Copyright notices and author attribution are also present in the player's context menu. In accordance with the license, the copyright notices and author attribution must stay intact and be shown in the player's user interface even if you modify the source code.

How can I get rid of the Flowplayer logo?

You can get rid of the Flowplayer branding by purchasing a commercial version of the player on this page. After the purchase you can create a license key for your domain to remove the Flowplayer logo and (optionally) configure your own logo and context menu.

This product key is tied to the domain name shown in the browser's location bar and, in the case of iFrames, when the frame is viewed in its own window.

Key validation takes place completely within the player, and our servers are not connected at any time.

How do I setup my logo and menu?

By providing a valid product key, logo and menu within the configuration and using the commercial player files.

Where is my product key?

After purchasing, product keys are managed on your account page . You can enter the domain name of your choice to generate the key.

How long is a license valid?

Flowplayer licenses are yours forever, they do not expire, and the player does not phone home for license checks; the validation happens inside the player. Licenses include bugfixes and minor feature updates within the purchased major revision (6.x , 7.x).

Upgrades to the next major version incur a fee.

Can I change the domain name?

A generated key cannot be changed. A request to change the domain of your license (when moving to a new domain name) leads to the generation of a new license and therefore incurs a fee of €35/domain . Please buy a support voucher if you wish to do so.

Can I resell product keys?

You cannot split licenses across accounts. If you purchase a license for a client of yours and plan to grant the client control over his license at a later stage, you must create a separate account for this license. To integrate the player into your product and resell / give away license keys, consider the Unlimited license.

What is the Unlimited license?

The Unlimited license allows you to make the player an integrated component of your product. This solution is designed for web services in which end users can use the fully featured Flowplayer as part of the system/service. This may include blogging platforms, content management systems, video plugins or other varieties of web services.

Under this license, you will obtain an algorithm for generating license keys in your application for as many domains as you wish.

The price includes all bug-fix releases. All upgrades to the Unlimited license are custom compiled for you. For this reason, please contact mentioning “Unlimited upgrade” in the subject of your email when you would like to upgrade. New Unlimited builds require you to generate new license keys for the specific build.

Flowplayer Flash service domain

With Flowplayer Flash you may also distribute the player to any number of client domains by serving it from the service domain. As opposed to the single-domain and multi-domain licenses, the key for your service domain is not bound to the domain in the browser's location bar. You do not need to specify a license key in the player configuration as the key for the service domain is already compiled in.

Additional service domain builds targeting different domains can be requested for a fee of €35 per build.

Are subdomains included?

To use the commercial player on one domain such as you need a single-domain license. All subdomains such as or are included.

How about embedded players?

The player can be embedded on an unlimited number of foreign domains, with your own branding applied.

Can I test the commercial player on a development domain?

License keys only work on the domain name you entered when generating the key. For staging/development please use a (protected) subdomain.

For local development, the commercial download package contains a sample index.html page with valid product keys for localhost and . You can also fake the domain name on your /etc/hosts file.

Billing FAQ

What are the upgrade prices?

There is a new major release (6.x, 7.x..) once in about 2 years.

  • 1 domain €39.00
  • 5 domains €125.00
  • 100 domains €219.00
  • Unlimited domains €555.00

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

Yes. We offer a 25% discount for educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Please contact us with a direct link to your site and we will check whether you qualify. We may ask for an official document proving your non-profit status.

Can I get a refund?

If the player product does not work for you, we can provide a refund within 15 days after purchase. Please contact us and explain the situation. We recommend to test your scenario with the free player first (used in our demos and available from ).

What are the prices for additional domains?

You can purchase additional domains from your account page .

  • 1 additional domain: €56.00
  • 5 additional domains: €185.00
  • 100 additional domains: €333.00
  • Unlimited additional domains: €555.00

Which cards do you accept?

We accept payments from VISA, MasterCard, VISA Debit and American Express.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes. Please contact us and we'll send you a Paypal money request.

Can I pay directly to your bank account?

Yes. Here are the details.