Release Notes

The detailed version history of Flowplayer 7.0 and below

Version 7.0.3   25 April 2017

Flowplayer 7.0.3 corrects several minor issues which have come to our attention since the last release. The full list of updates can be found below.

Important fixes

Other fixes


Version 7.0.2   08 February 2017

A minor version release.

  • Fix 1138 - Safari: javascript “first frame” installs stuck in loading state (regression)
  • Fix 1135 - iPad Chrome - video does not load
  • Fix 1125 - SVG filters not working when base href set
  • Fix 1136 – Dot not indicate speed rate change when playback starts


Version 7.0.1   31 January 2017

A minor version release.


  • New loading indicators to match the new skins better
  • A new “Live” button brings you back to watching a live stream, after it has been “rewound” to view past content


  • 1107 Android live shows DVR duration instead of “Live” (hlsjs) or “Infinity”
  • 1099 Chrome: embed code sometimes not copied to clipboard
  • 1098 Desktop Safari live: advances in paused state
  • 1104 DVR seeking not possible with iOS
  • 1102 DVR window handling in flash engine
  • 1108 Embed: do not duplicate iframe dimension units if given
  • 1119 Flash HLS quality selection in playlist: scrubber may be frozen
  • 1121 Straight-edge and outlined skin combo loses pause action indicator
  • 1115 Minimal skin control bar not aligned correctly in IE11
  • 1100 No controls with native_fullscreen on Android
  • 1113 No speed indicator
  • 1110 iPad: FP-full timeline fix
  • 1123 No video on iOS Chrome
  • 1128 Remove duplicate border-radius CSS rule
  • 1125 SVG filters not working when base href set


Version 7.0   11 January 2017

A release focusing on the user interface.

Read the blog entry

New skinning options
  • Complete UI rewrite
  • Built-in UI for Quality selection
  • Airplay controls
  • Chromecast support
  • iPhone inline playback support
  • HLS DVR support
  • HLS ID3 metadata support
  • Make iframe embed code responsive
  • no-buffer modifier class
  • aspectRatio option


  • Time format glitches
  • Flowplayer zoom issue
  • Looping hls does not work on iOS
  • Subtitle sticky when seeking out of initial first frame state
  • Flash: narrow down scope of issue 922 hack
  • Off/unbind: splice inside forEach will prevent entire cycle
  • IPad: webkit-media-controls may persist
  • Resume after seek on playlist finish starts first clip
  • Mute() may have no effect from within ready event
  • Rtl: branding overlaps duration
  • Rtl is-touch: no duration; branding on right instead of left side and overlays time
  • [Chrome] playlist: error on resume when last clip is in finished state
  • Load() loses buffer
  • Clip rtmp option still leads to src prefix requirement.
  • First frame JS setups do not catch all errors
  • Flash (not flash hls): no events after finish
  • Splash setup does not unload while embed code is shown
  • On mobile resume still works when flowplayer is disabled.
  • Implement fullscreen events with native_fullscreen
  • Fullscreen disabled leads to empty widget space
  • Native_fullscreen assumes non-flash engine
  • Iframe embed code lacks px units in style directive
  • Page direction vs flowplayer direction: avoid horizontal scrollbars
  • Unload in paused state: browser continues to buffer
  • Disabled: volume slider not greyed out
  • Seek rounding error
  • Rtl: tooltip time is ltr
  • Flash object pausing workaround only works on splash setupsA


This is a free update if you already own a license for version 6.0.0 or newer.


  • Allow specifying a playlist index to start from


  • Flash HLS: the ready event fired too early
  • shutdown disables fullscreen events
  • addCuepoint() bug when using an object to define the cue.
  • flashls live: player does not change on resume state after a longer pause (regression from 6.0.3)
  • RTMP live streaming doesn't obey the mute setting when resuming from paused state
  • rtmp: live:true doesn't set the bufferTime to zero
  • minimalist: wrong mouseout transitions for volume & mute (regression from 6.0.3)
  • RTL (right-to-left layout): various glitches
  • generate_cuepoints: seeks to timeline postion, not to the cuepoint position (regression from v5)


For this release we have addressed a bunch of scripting and API related issues. As a result Flowplayer HTML5 is even more programmer friendly than before.

  • poster: add new api property when poster condition is met


  • Flash HLS: ready fired too early
  • generate_cuepoints: seeks to timeline postion, not cuepoint (regression from v5)
  • Prevented seek beyond cuepoint disables cuepoint once
  • shutdown() does not remove instance data-attribute
  • quality selector loses poster state with playlist
  • api undefined in stop callback argument in non-splash setups
  • autoplay: does not go into poster state on stop
  • IE8: no player displayed for splash setups if no height: for container
  • BeforeSeek Event does not working in IE11
  • Do not show context menu when trying to enable flash plugin
  • flash: play(index) and load(clip) load encoded url
  • Controlbar mouse over problem
  • Chrome: Flash object with less than 461px width does not work
  • Native subtitles shown when mixed native and flowplayer subtitles on same page
  • Crossorigin subtitles do not work on iPhone
  • flash hls: seeking beyond end of video causes undefined player state
  • ipad: tooltip appears empty, or is stuck at first position when scrubbing
  • bgcolor: does not override background-color
  • flashdisabled message does not make sense when Flash is in fact enabled
  • RTMP: src location w/o prefix considered as HTTP
  • 6.0.3: live option not recognized on clip level with generic HLS

Flowplayer 6.0.3

This version enhances the stability of the player and addresses some edge case issues.


  • Some elements not shown in fullscreen
  • autoplay on player level not respected in html5 engine
  • Flash engine reports invalid volume for zero
  • flashls: make resume of live stream reliable
  • ipad: duration/remaining inside timeline for videos longer than 1hr
  • jQuery JS install triggers error (regression in 6.0.2)
  • playlist: is-active not applied to playlists outside container
  • Context-menu broken in fullscreen
  • IE: load(clip) and setPlaylist() not reliable
  • Timeline unnecessary hidden for certain Android devices
  • Speed change highlight broken in Firefox

Flowplayer 6.0.2

This is the second bugfix release after version 6.0.0.


  • You can now have a playlist outside of the player container div.
  • Added a new API method flowplayer.set() which be use to supply a global configuration object.


  • Chrome PepperFlash immediately fails over to RTMPT
  • RTMP live stream autoplays and cannot be paused
  • Playful close button looks inconsistent
  • Muted option does not work
  • HLS: stream does not work on Android 4.1
  • clip options in playlists are sticky, triggering trouble with picking order
  • flashls: add debug option(s)
  • playlist embed: should embed configured playlist
  • seeking broken in IE8
  • analytics: use clip.title?
  • jQuery plugin init - config precedence wrong
  • IE8: muted on start despite volume showing, chsanngin volume does not work
  • Optionally start with subtitles present, but disabled
  • analytics: use long hearbeat interval
  • RTMP: breaks with special chars in URLS
  • iPhone playback crashes when you exit twice
  • CSS issue on touch devices
  • RTMP does not play until end
  • Flash: keep aspect ratio in the swf code, like swfHls does

Breaking changes

  • The fix for introduces a behavioral change - if you don't specify a subtitle with default attribute, no subtitles



  • functional + playful fixed-controls: disappear in fullscreen
  • IE11: time and timeline do not update
  • iPhone: does not resume after return from native fullscreen
  • Simulated fullscreen - players pinned to top of window
  • iPad: native_fullscreen does not work
  • Splash option: works only if no container background-color is given


Rebuilt from the ground up, Flowplayer 6 is the result of a decade's experience in online video and a huge amount of user feedback.


  • HLS and adaptive bitrate streaming across all browsers
  • New skins
  • New JavaScript API
  • No jQuery dependency
  • New tooltip that shows the playback time when hovering over the timeline
  • Fully featured playlist embedding: either the current clip or entire playlist
  • Optimized splash setup with JavaScript installation for faster page load
  • Extended and customizable clip properties, even within playlists
  • iFrame-based viral embedding, see the details in this demo
  • Multilingual subtitle support
  • API for subtitles
  • Subtitle control element
  • API for cuepoints
  • <code>is-closeable</code> no longer excludes fullscreen
  • API for playlist handling
  • UMD definition (RequireJS and CommonJS support)
  • Mixed engines support for playlists
  • Vector-based icons in the UI


  • <code>adaptiveRatio</code> does not work on HLS with Android Chrome
  • Embed code generator triggers video loading in Chrome
  • Flash engine on Chrome load file twice
  • Playlist: api stays in finished stage after playthrough next switch
  • Embed always uses sources from initial video
  • Embed: make player size configurable (re: HLS)
  • Analytics plugin does not send heartbeat while playing
  • Add proper event listener cleanup
  • Flash + WebKit + Live: cuepoints unusable because of fullscreen toggle
  • Cuepoint misses on Android
  • rtmp: recovery from bad URL does not work
  • adaptiveRatio: only has an effect on first load
  • Playlist: click on first item has no effect in non-splash setups
  • When using Flash, no ready event in flowplayer 5.4.3 if jQuery not global
  • <code>.fp-next</code> and <code>.fp-prev</code> do not work if inserted after player initialization
  • Error reports valid URL instead of the bad one
  • Flowplayer flash does not abort image loading
  • window.onload does not work on iPad
  • “load” and “” event handlers bound multiple times
  • <code>play() / pause() / resume()</code> commands don't work when player is disabled
  • API: <code>stop()</code> issues
  • Ready event and load callback not caught
  • <code>load()</code> does not reset video.time
  • Load/play restrictions
  • Flash mode cannot handle utf-8 media locations
  • Issue with seeking on cuepoints and changing rate