Your videos deserve their own channel.

Placing your content on a video-sharing site like YouTube might seem perfectly natural, but is that really the right way to present it to the world?

Flowplayer is an online video player that can be branded and customized very simply, making your videos look like they belong to you. Your video player can now showcase your own logo, colors, and interface design. And needless to say, you maintain complete ownership of your content, without the need for any contracts with third parties relating to copyright or licensing.


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Keep your audience

On a huge video-sharing site you risk losing your audience with every click. Who’s to say the next video to play won’t be your competitor’s?

Direct users within your own funnel when they’re finished viewing.

It’s your video – use it how you like

Video-sharing sites specify how your video can be used. With Flowplayer, you have much more flexibility.

Display your content as an overlay, for example, or in the background of your site in place of a static image. Both possibilities are built into Flowplayer, and are as easy to implement as clicking a checkbox.

In the background On top of the page