Complete system for online video

Pay as you go

Pay precisely for what you use

  • Streaming
  • Encoding
  • Multiple bitrates and resolutions
  • HLS streaming
  • 50% off watermarked videos


For small and medium sites

  • Monthly quota + additional use:
  • 150 GB streaming +
  • 120 min encoding +
  • Multiple bitrates and resolutions
  • HLS streaming
  • 50% off watermarked videos


For bigger sites

  • Monthly quota + additional use:
  • 1500 GB streaming +
  • 1000 min encoding +
  • Multiple bitrates and resolutions
  • HLS streaming
  • 50% off watermarked videos


For video portals

  • Monthly quota + additional use:
  • 4500 GB streaming +
  • 2000 min encoding +
  • Multiple bitrates and resolutions
  • HLS streaming
  • 50% off watermarked videos

Your credit card will be charged in EUR. Prices may differ slightly depending upon currency conversion by your card provider.

Do I need hosting?

Flowplayer Drive relieves you from dealing with encoding, hosting and streaming details. You simply upload your videos and embed the results on your site. Flowplayer Drive provides the optimum encoding and delivery.


Please consider the player-only option if you prefer to encode and host yourself.

What is encoding?

Encoding is the process of transforming your original video into a format suitable for web delivery and playback in browsers. The challenge is to make the video as small as possible, compatible with all devices and browsers and still keep it looking great.

What is streaming?

Streaming means the amount of data sent from your Drive account to visitors.

What are watermarked videos?

Watermarked videos have Flowplayer logo on bottom/left corner of the video. These videos are 50% cheaper. We simply log half of the network usage from these videos.

How are the encoding costs calculated?

You can choose on an individual basis whether the video will be encoded to multiple bitrates or not. This can result in seven-times higher encoding costs compared to encoding to the standard resolution only.

The calculated output video means the summarized duration of all generated video formats, so for a five-minute input video, the output length will be five minutes of WebM plus five minutes of MP4 for the standard resolution.

More information

In which currency do you charge?

USD prices are estimated based on the current exchange rate for your convenience.

All billings are done in EUR. If you're located outside Europe, your bank / cc company will charge in your currency, based on their current exchange rate.

You can switch the displayed currency with the USD selector box.

When am I charged?

Accumulated costs will be charged once they reach 50 EUR, or at the end of a monthly period.

Do I need a player license?

You can use the free player and it will not show the Flowplayer logo for Drive videos.

The Flowplayer logo is not displayed when paid videos are streamed from our servers. This unbranded playback is at no extra cost. A Commercial-license version of the player is needed for custom logos or context menus.

How do I cancel?

Go to your account page and hit the cancel button. For the Economy, Pro and Enterprise plans, you'll receive a refund for unused quota.

Can I switch plans?

Yes. You can switch between paid plans, or cancel your account altogether whenever you wish. We will adjust any payments accordingly.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payments from MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit and American Express. For license purchases we also accept PayPal or bank transfer.

Can I get a bigger plan?

Just email us and tell us what you need. Amount of encoding, special requirements, etc…